Your Map to Downtown Las Vegas Hot Spots

Living in Fabulous Las Vegas means that you are a resident of the city that is known for entertainment, casino gaming, food from around the world, and fun! Planning a night out if you live in this desert city though can be surprisingly hard because of all the options that are available. Las Vegas is home to countless bars and restaurants in the many casinos, but there are also plenty of local hot spots to check out throughout your city.

If you live in Downtown Las Vegas, you know just how many options you have when it comes to food, drinks, and entertainment. Whether you’re looking for some truly British pasties, a locally crafted cocktail, or a trip down memory lane at a museum, our little slice of desert paradise has it all.

With the interactive map below, you can explore everything from hip Fremont East District bars to family-friendly locations. Click on each location to learn more about the spot, what it’s known for, and what you should do there. We’ve given visitors and locals an easy way to get to know many spots that Las Vegans love.

This is just a sampling of what Downtown Las Vegas has to offer. To see everything we’d need a much bigger map!

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