Top 7 Fastest Growing Careers in Nevada

July 12, 2017

Career-minded people are flocking to the west – specifically Las Vegas, and are pursuing some of the fastest growing careers in the region.


Despite what some might think, you don’t have to become a blackjack dealer to secure work in Las Vegas. And, the hospitality industry isn’t the only game in town (pun intended). Yes, Las Vegas has earned its reputation as the Entertainment Capital of the World, which influences the job market in the area, but let’s take a look at the seven fastest growing careers in Nevada and how they tie in to the unique nuances of Sin City.

1. Software Developer: This field is poised for a ten-year growth rate (2012-2022 is the timespan we’ll use for all 10-year rates) of over 22%, offers a median annual rate of pay of $95,510, and requires computer programming skills as the price of admission. A unique part about this career? It emphasizes skills over a diploma, so real-world experience may trump a college degree for those who didn’t earn a B.A. or B.S. And as casinos and the hospitality industry fully embrace the online world to create a world-class experience for guests, the need for software developers will only continue to grow.

Doctor with a clipboard writing down information

2. Registered Nurse: Sharing the distinction of “fastest-growing state” with Utah, Nevada saw more than 56,000 new residents in 2015 alone. The expectation is a population of 3 million by the end of 2017, and all of these new residents will demand a lot of the healthcare system in the area. Registered nurses will see a predicted 19% growth rate, with a median annual pay of about $66,000. Applicants need to complete an approved nursing program and obtain state licensure.

3. IT Manager: It seems like tech is the place to be when it comes to securing a stable and good paying job in the Las Vegas Valley, with IT managers predicted to see 15% growth over the ten-year timeframe. A Bachelor’s degree in computer science or information science is generally required, and pay tends to be quite competitive. The 2014 median annual rate of pay for IT Managers was $127,640; quite lucrative when you consider the cost of living in Las Vegas is near the national average, and considerably lower than you’d find in most metropolitan areas.

4. Web Developer: Think a business can survive without a quality website and a potent social media profile? Think again. That is why Web Developers (Web Dev, for those in the field) are in such demand these days and should enjoy a 20%+ growth rate over the ten-year forecasted timeframe. Casinos, restaurants, entertainment venues, resorts and more require a compelling website to drive consumer interest, and the $64,000 median annual salary is compelling for prospective job seekers with the requisite experience, too.

5. Elementary School Teacher: An expanding recognition in Las Vegas as a more family-friendly place to live continues to drive the need for grade school teachers. A 12% forecasted increase in the field, a median pay of $54,000 per year, and good job security add up to a desirable profession for those with the requisite education.

6. Information Security Analyst: According to industry giant Symantec Corporation, one in every 131 emails contains malware and business email scams targeting more than 400 business a day – costing our collective domestic industries north of $3 billion over the past three years. With all the focus on cloud computing, interconnectivity, and IT-heavy customer management systems, responsible companies will employ information security analysts to safeguard clients. Prospective job seekers can expect a median salary around $90,000, and a massive 37% growth rate in the field.

7. Market Research Analyst: This position is poised for serious growth, 32% over the ten-year time span, and much of that is in response for the need for quality data. Technology does most of the heavy lifting when it comes to gathering the data, but it often takes a pair of human eyes to disseminate the information and then present it to management. A Bachelor’s degree in market research or a related field and up-to-the-minute knowledge about data mining and management are vital. Expect a median pay just north of $61,000. Las Vegas casinos love gathering data on patrons so they can custom-tailor the guest’s experience the next time around.

Business man sitting at his desk with paperwork and working on his computer

Some people move to Las Vegas to experience a different way of life – one filled with a bit of glitz, glamor, and adventure. While others move to the area in search of the perfect career. Regardless of your motivating factors, Las Vegas and the downtown area in particular, is at the epicenter of serious job growth, an incomparable arts and culture scene, and affordable, upscale living options that was just a pipe dream only a few short years ago. Thousands of people are choosing to move to this part of the west, and are helping shape the landscape of this vibrant corner of the world.