7 Fun & Unique Date Ideas in Las Vegas

March 19, 2018

Going on a date is always a fun experience, whether it’s your first date or your 300th. Coffee dates, dinner and a movie, and bar meetups are wonderful settings to get to know or spend time with someone you care about, but sometimes these outings can use a little flair. Change up your date nights, and try adventuring into more unique date ideas in Las Vegas. A change of pace will spice up any relationship, old or new!

Next time you’re planning a date in Las Vegas, keep your mind open. Below are seven of our favorite unique Vegas date ideas that take you outside of the bars, restaurants, and casinos:

Heat it Up in the Valley of Fire

Love is beautiful and comes naturally, so celebrate it in one of the most beautiful natural wonders of Nevada. The Valley of Fire is a beautiful backdrop to your date, and only costs $10 a person to get in. Grab your sweetheart and start hiking through the stunning red Aztec sandstone landscape that will take your breath away (not as much as your significant other does, though!). Whether you’re working up a sweat, holding hands on the trails, or cozying up in a tent on an overnight camping trip, this unique date idea is perfect for the adventurous couple.

Couple Hiking in the Valley of Fire in Nevada.

Be Sweet at the Ethel M Chocolate Factory

Giving chocolates is always an appreciated gesture, but let’s be honest, there are opportunities to make the classic romantic chocolate gift more exciting. Take your chocolate giving to the next level and transform it into a full-blown date at Ethel M Chocolates. Much like Willy Wonka’s Factory for adults, the Ethel M chocolate factory offers a range of activities for chocolate lovers. Take a self-guided chocolate factory tour, visit the largest cactus garden in the Southwest United States, or indulge in some treats with your sweet in a chocolate tasting class.

Get a Little Exercise

Want to see all of Downtown Las Vegas and get a little exercise? RTC Bike Share makes it easy to hop on a bike and ride around to popular attractions throughout the area. Currently, there are 21 stations and visitors can simply grab a bike and drop it off at the next station. There are stations near Container Park, along Fremont Street, and all the way down to the north end of the Strip. To get started, grab a 30-minute or day pass on RTC Bike Share’s website!

Happy couple enjoying a bike ride together.

Take a Plunge in the Hot Springs

With close to 300 rustic and developed hot springs in Nevada, taking a dip is a steamy date idea. While developed hot springs may cost a fee, natural springs are free to use at any time of the day. Enjoy breathtaking views of the mountains (and each other) while relaxing. Many of these hot springs near Las Vegas require a hike to get to, so plan a romantic natural date around your visit. Take the date one step further and pack a picnic box with your favorite meal to enjoy once you reach your destination.

Couple Enjoying Sunset in Nevada Hot Spring.

Embrace Your Inner Child

Whether you’re on a first date or a 50th, there’s nothing like breaking the ice with a few games and drinks. Gold Spike in Downtown Las Vegas is both a bar and a playground and features games like Giant Beer Pong (read: red Solo cups as big as trash cans), Cornhole, Giant Chess, Giant Foosball, and many more. The Playground has games, the Living Room is a coworking space by day and an energetic house party by night, and the Backyard has live music and events. Say goodbye to boring Las Vegas dates with cool spots like these!

Let Love Brew in Homebrewing Class

Drinking wine and beer is great, and it’s a great way to spend time with your date. At UBottleIt, expert homebrewers make the experience even more personal by teaching you how to brew beer or make wine yourself. Sign up for one of their classes, and choose from over 60 different hops, 50 different beer kits, and 30 different wine kits to make your own beverages. Cooking brings people together, so drink-making must bring people closer. And what’s one of the best parts of this unique Vegas date? Being able to set a second date to drink your finished product!

Couple Cooking Romantic Dinner at Home.

Stay in (Love) at Home

A date night in Vegas doesn’t mean you have to leave the house. Plan a night in, but treat it like a night out. Start by cooking a nice dinner together and mixing up fancy cocktails. Then dress up in your best, light some candles, and play some slow tunes. At a luxury condo like Juhl, it’s easy to create a unique date experience without going far.

The Promenade at Juhl offers a couple of spaces to wind down and relax too. You and your partner-in-crime can cheers to Wine Wednesday at Classic Jewel! Enjoy 20% off wine and live music at the resident cocktail lounge every week. Or, grab a bite at Le Pho Vietnamese Kitchen serving rice bowls, salads and of course, Pho. Whether you pull out all the stops or want to simply relax with your love, staying home at Juhl is the perfect setting for a low-key, unique date in Vegas.

Planning a date in Las Vegas is easy with the many options available. The only difficult part is settling on one that will make the best impression. Make any date memorable with these unique date ideas in Las Vegas, and you’re sure to get a second date!